Become an effective coach. Nike and the United States Olympic Committee, with the help of the Aspen Institute, have created a research-based training to bridge the foundational training gap with volunteer coaches.

How to Coach Kids

How to Coach Kids, a course for coaches, provides a unique learning opportunity for impacting a young person’s life. An effective coach inspires young people to give their best. Yet, less than 30 percent of coaches receive adequate training.

How to Coach Kids helps coaches create an environment that encourages a passion for play and physical activity. Modules in the course include:

  • Coach kids: An overview of age-appropriate approaches to coaching
  • Plan a great practice: Strategies for creating effective practices
  • Keep kids safe: Essential learnings for keeping kids physically and emotionally safe
  • Make it fun: Tips and tricks for keeping kids engaged and active
  • Teach kids: Methods for helping children grow and learn
  • Engage with parents: How to build successful partnerships to keep caring adults involved
  • Get the most out of the game: Lessons to share with kids and teams