WIN OR LOSE: A Guide to Sports Parenting is a quick and inspirational book with great tips for sports families. It promises to enrich your journey as a sports parent.

WIN OR LOSE – A Guide to Sports Parenting

By Dan Saferstein, Ph.D.

The resource youth sports organizations have been waiting for!  This booklet inspires parents and provides tips on how to stay out of your children’s athletic way. It will help you see how your behavior is affecting your child’s athletic experience and how to avoid mistakes in the stands or in the car ride home.

When you think about it, the most important scoreboard in youth sports is never the one on the field; it is the one in your child’s eyes as you are driving home from the game.

Well Recognized in Youth Sports

WIN OR LOSE is now in its fourth printing and has received support from organizations such as USA Hockey, USA Gymnastics, YMCA, Positive Coaching Alliance, Catholic Youth Organization, U.S. Youth Soccer, and numerous state soccer and high school athletic associations, leagues, and clubs around the country.