Youth sports is a proven strategy to provide needed physical, social, emotional and leadership outcomes. It’s a protective factor for the estimated 50M youth against risky behaviors and can serve to address many of our nation’s social and economic challenges. Pep Rally Day serves to highlight those issues and to recognize those that are assisting young people to become healthier youth, transformational leaders and globally-minded graduates.

Monday, October 24, 2022


Families: Learn about the Children’s Bill of Rights and what you should expect out of your child’s youth sports program.

Organizations & Teams: Learn about Children’s Bill of Rights.
Commit to making this a cornerstone of your club’s


Families: Download a one-page summary of the 8 Rights. Ask your team if it supports the Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports. Sign the petition here.

Organizations & Teams:  Download an editable template of
the 8 Rights and implement in your program. Join the movement.


Families: Parents, think back to your childhood and remember how sports impacted your life. Share some of the lessons you learned and
experiences you had or share a photo of your favorite youth athlete on social with the hashtag #nationalyouthsportsweek and tagging @youthsportsNCYS on Twitter and @NCYS on Facebook.

Organizations & Teams: Encourage parents and athletes to share a photo of their favorite youth athlete and share it on social with the hashtag #nationalyouthsportsweek and tag your club or team.


Looking ahead to 2023, get your local elected official to sign a proclamation announcing that this week is National Youth Sports Week. You can use this template as a starter.