Welcome to Jersey Day, a vibrant and meaningful part of National Youth Sports Week! On this special day, we celebrate unity, identity, and the power of team spirit. Jersey Day is an opportunity for participants, supporters, and communities to proudly don their team jerseys and spiritwear wear and showcase their shared passion for youth sports.

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Jerseys hold a symbolic significance in the world of sports. They represent more than just a uniform. They embody camaraderie, teamwork and a sense of belonging. Jersey Day allows us to recognize the collective effort and dedication that young athletes, coaches, and volunteers contribute to their teams and communities.

Wearing a jersey not only demonstrates support for local sports programs but also highlights the positive impact of youth sports on personal growth, character development, and community engagement. It serves as a visual reminder of the values we uphold: sportsmanship, respect, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence.

Jersey Day is an inclusive celebration that embraces the diversity of sports and teams. Whether it’s a soccer jersey, basketball jersey, hockey jersey, or any other sports attire, everyone is encouraged to participate and showcase their team pride. This day unifies individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and age groups under the common love for youth sports.

So, grab your favorite jersey, gather your teammates, and proudly display your team colors on Jersey Day. Let’s create a vibrant tapestry of support, inspiration, and enthusiasm for youth sports. Together, we can celebrate the power of sports to unite communities, foster teamwork, and shape the future generation of athletes.

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Our friends are joining an all-star team to support youth coaches with training and resources.

To join the team, click here. Ways you can help:

  • Provide mental health resources
  • Provide free and discounted physicals
  • Provide pro bono and athletic trainers services
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  • Provide policy and consensus statements
Our friends are joining an all-star team to support youth coaches with training and resources....